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About Leanne Taylor


Leanne was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. and currently resides in Chilliwack with her husband, two daughters, two cats and a dog. She is a writer, a healer and an ongoing student of the enlightenment and the teachings of God and Spirit. Her three daughters and seven grandchildren are the light of her life and her pets are truly little earth angels that are constantly by her side. She was blessed with giving birth to six children. Because three of them have passed into the Spirit world, she has gained an incredible soul connection to spirit. Her passion is to help others connect with those on the other side. She is dedicated to healing others and her unending commitment is an innate quality she has been blessed with. In her life she has received much Grace through the Guidance of Spirit and honors these gifts by sharing with others.

Buddha Statue
Leanne Taylor

My Journey

My Spiritualism is that of blending with the Spirit world and surrendering to a higher power. I have been blessed with the extrasensory perceptions that allow me to communicate with spirits of dead and living people. This gift helps people still living to start their journey of healing through the many facets of grief. I have come to realize that Spirits have a variety of messages to pass on to their loved ones, be it amends or simply tell them how much they miss and love them.   As I am Clairsentient (clear feeling) and a Clairvoyant (seeing images) I surrender to the energy of Spirit and I am an Instrument for their peace, connection and communication.  Each Spirit or communicator have special needs to express their feelings to their loved ones that I work with. I am forever grateful and blessed to have been a guide for hundreds of messages to those that seek peace and acceptance.  

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